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One of the best ways to ‘Get Connected’ at The Door is to jump in and get involved. The Door Christian Fellowship exists as a local congregation to witness to the world the love of God as revealed in His Son Jesus Christ, our crucified, risen, exalted and soon-returning Savior and King. We seek to teach the Word of God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our goal is the shaping and equipping of our church family so that disciples will be nourished and empowered to fulfill their God-ordained purpose.  As members of the church, our desire is to bring glory to God through our public and private lives.  We do this by rejoicing in Christ Jesus; increasing in the knowledge of God through the study and application of the scriptures; by growing in Godly character; by practicing Biblical fellowship; by serving one another with our spiritual gifts, our time and our money; by proclaiming the Gospel in the Southbay area and to the ends of the earth.

Home Study Groups

Home Group Bible Studies is where you belong — a small group of people who meet at homes in your area, who have a desire to see you improve and succeed in life and in your walk with Christ. As you build friendships with one another, you will learn about practical Christian living by discussing the truths from the Word of God.

Home Group Bible Study leaders are hand-picked couples with a passion for the principles of Christ interjected into everyday living; have shown faithfulness and integrity in their own lives over a long period of time; and who have a desire to 'reach for the prize' and 'high calling' in Christ and preach the gospel into the far regions of the earth.


Sunday School


Ministry Mission: To help children worship God in an age-appropriate, fun and exciting way; to build their worship foundation and most importantly, to cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ.


We accomplish our mission by the power of the Holy Spirit and out of response to His love for us, we care for His family, reach out to those who don't know Him, offer Him our thanks and praise, share together in His word, and serve to expand His kingdom.


This is where you want your children to be. It's a place where children can still be children with all their creativity and challenged at the same time to mature into victorious young adults!! We offer a safe, quality children's ministry for the kids. We go beyond fun as we teach strong biblical principals and communicate values that when acted upon will develop strong character in your children.


We use puppets to bring the Word of God to the children through friendly music and lively skits. These vibrant puppets have become a part of the family of God too. A huge part of the joy we experience in ministry is seeing others impacted by God's Word and love through the use of puppetry. During the summer the children are involved in "Puppets in the Park" an outreach to the surrounding communities presenting the power of Jesus Christ in the public arena. It is here their faith grows as they see their faith in action as they are involved in the action!!


Sunday Mornings at 10:30 AM

New Believer's Class

Foundations of Faith New Believer's class is an introductory course on the foundations of Christian living and doctrine. Every Christian should take this course. The information is fundamental, yet surprisingly few Christians have an understanding of these things at the level they should. We integrate this course into a new member orientation and feel it is imperative that all Christians should know why we believe what we believe.


Some of the Curriculum Modules to complete this study are:

Fall of Man


Water Baptism

Sharing Our Faith


Holy Spirit

Divine Healing


and much more.....

Community Outreach


Our congregation maintains a biblical focus on personal evangelism throughout the Southbay area on a weekly basis.  During the summer we have many outreach ministries that focus on preaching the Gospel through music, drama, films, healing crusades etc. in local parks, gathering-places, and neighborhoods.  We also send bands, plays and musical productions out of town to help share the Gospel in other cities, and other churches.

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